Burst water pipes in or around the home or business can be isolated from the properties water meter or stop tap.

If you have a water leak and you need to turn the stop tap off at the water meter, but you do not know where the water meter is located you can call TasWater, and they will provide you with the approximate location and measurements for the properties water meter. Water meters are typically located in the front yard, approximately within 2 meters inside the front property boundary.

Water meters can be located above ground or below ground. Below ground water meters may require a screwdriver to assist in opening of the lid to gain access to the water meter. Turn the stop tap clockwise to isolate the water supply.

If the leak is coming from a hot tap or pipe, you can isolate the hot water only at the hot water system by turning the stop tap/valve clockwise. The stop tap/valve is typically located at the point of connection to the hot water system.

If the leak is coming from within your boundary and you are responsible for the repair, you might be entitled to reimbursement of water usage by TasWater. Use this form to seek a reimbursement for a concealed water Leak.