Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the job take?

Our hourly rate for a Plumber is $99.00. Our hourly rate for a Gasfitter is $132.00. Time on-site, travel, material collection and note taking is billable to the associated job, in 15-minute intervals. If you’re working to a specific budget, please request an estimate or quotation upon booking. Please also refer to our ‘schedule of rates’.

How much will my job cost?

Every job is different, and it can be difficult to specify a time without first attending site. We can, if requested, provide an estimated timeframe upon booking.

Are you licenced?

Yes! We hold all relevant licences and insurances.

What is your schedule of rates?

Unless otherwise advised at time of booking:

Qualified Plumber $99.00 p/hour.
Qualified Gasfitter $132.00 p/hour.
Apprentice Plumber $60.50 p/hour.
Advanced Plumber $104.50 p/hour.
Qualified Plumber (Same Day) $104.50 p/hour.

Qualified Plumber OT $121.00 p/hour.
Apprentice Plumber OT $88.00 p/hour.

After Hours Callouts $291.50 Inc first hour.
Electrical Fee (Disconnect/Reconnect) $132.00

Drain Machine $165.00 Per job
Drain Camera $165.00 Per job
Drain Machine +/- Camera +/- Locator $220.00 Combined fee per job.

Backflow & TMV Testing First Valve $275.00
Every Valve Thereafter $99.00

Consumables Charge $8.00 Per job.
Postage & Handling Charge $2.00 Per postage

Other fees and charges may apply.

What warranty applies to the work?

Our standard warranty for workmanship is 3 months. Manufacturers have their own warranty policies we adhere to however. Further conditions apply, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Will I be charged for an apprentice?

Our apprentice’s or assistant’s may be billable in the event where they’re either productive or required due to OH&S.

Can we trust you with a key or entry code?

Yes! Our technicians are trustworthy individuals. We deal with key and code entry systems regularly and will respect your home.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes! Unless the work is for Gas fitting or ‘out of area’. A quote is classified as a quote when a ‘scope of work’ is provided. If we need to develop a scope of work and/or investigate, this will need to be done at a chargeable hourly rate before a quotation can be provided. Jobs expected to come in under a certain dollar value may be refused for quotation or a charge associated.

Can we have the same person each time?

Yes! But be mindful this might not be possible with short notice.

Do you service our area?

We predominantly service NW Tasmania. Please confirm our service area at time of booking.

How and when do I pay?

You will be invoiced after the job is completed and be given 7 days to pay the invoice. B-Pay, Transfer, Cash and Eftpos payments are accepted.

What are the travel costs?

Our travel time is billed at our standard hourly rates. Where possible the travel will be shared across nearby jobs.

What are your terms and conditions?
What is your privacy policy?

Book your fixed price for plumbing services.

We are proud to introduce the first of its kind here in Tasmania, guaranteed fixed price fees for plumbing services.

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