Our vision and purpose for the future.

At Kiely, our purpose defines our vision, goals, beliefs, values and mostly our actions. We believe that focusing on improving the lives of our customers and our people by aiming for greatness every day improves performance, culture and mental health. We believe in the wellbeing of our people and clients through creating a healthy and safe workplace culture rich in equality, diversity and inclusion. Always working to improve our environmental footprint and contribute with purpose back into the community we live in. We like to call it Plumbing with Purpose.

Our proud Tasmanian story.

We believe we’ve come a long way in 55 years. You might say we’ve served our apprenticeship, learned our trade, earned a reputation, and now consider ourselves mature but young at heart striving for excellence and greatness every day.

That said, times have changed since we commenced in 1967. Tools, technology, equipment, and the way we do business. One thing we’re proud to say hasn’t changed – is the care for our people, community, and importantly our customers. As a family built, owned, and operated business, this is our priority. To care for their wellbeing by encouraging and promoting fairness, inclusiveness, and diversity into our home at Kiely.

From starting in our ‘Pops’ shed in Sulphur Creek in the 60’s, to then expanding across the North West Coast of Tasmania with workshops in both Ulverstone and Burnie, we have always believed if we were ‘good at what we do’ people would follow. That stands to reason, however over time we believe it’s ‘what good people do’, that people admire.

We like to call it, ‘Plumbing with Purpose.’
Yes, we’ve acquired knowledge and experience which enables us to deliver only the highest of quality services to our customers.

Yes, we’ve acquired state-of-the-art plant and equipment to ensure we surpass our customer’s expectations of efficiency.

Yes, we’ve acquired a top of the range Jet Blaster Drain Cleaner, Drain Camera and Locator, and our Acoustic Leak Detection Device to ensure we have what it takes to leave our customer completely satisfied.

Whilst these tools are essential to getting the job done in modern times and staying up to date, without the care for our team, our community, and our customers, without that essence of sharing our values and our purpose – these assets remain simply tools of the trade.

We hope you join us.

Book your fixed price for plumbing services.

We are proud to introduce the first of its kind here in Tasmania, guaranteed fixed price fees for plumbing services.