Partnering with Tradeswomen Australia.

We believe there is absolutely nothing more important than equality in life. It led us to become the first business in Tasmania to partner with Tradeswomen Australia and participate in and championing their Workplace Diversity Project. Proud to say we have employed our first woman apprentice and strive to create an inclusive workplace for future female tradeswomen.

About Tradeswomen Australia

Tradeswomen Australia Group are leaders in helping organisations create and improve workplace culture and environment through diversity, inclusion, mental health, and wellbeing strategies. They have supported numerous organisations to foster innovation and creativity, improve retention and decision making as well as increasing productivity and performance.

Diversity Project Outcomes

  • A mentally healthy, diverse, and inclusive workplace culture that fosters innovation, productivity, and respect.
  • Competitive advantage in recruitment – being industry leaders in diversifying your workplace and prioritising the mental health of employees, as well as aligning yourself with the TWA brand will assist your organisation in generating a greater depth of applicants.
  • Employees who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be diversity and inclusion champions in their workplaces.
  • Creation of relevant policies and procedures to support diversity, inclusion, and mental health and wellbeing in the workplace (where applicable).
  • Creation of a mentoring/support network that will provide your organisation with internal frameworks to support new employees, particularly diverse and/or vulnerable employees (such as young or older workers).

Our Commitment

On behalf of Kiely Plumbing, I am committing our support for Tradeswomen Australia Foundations application to the Supporting Women to Succeed Grant through the Tasmanian Department of Communities.

Our organisation is committed to improving the number of women we employ in plumbing and will provide job opportunities for women participating in the grant activities.

We are on a journey to improve our workplace Diversity & Inclusion recently undergoing re-branding to be more inclusive and improve our alignment with our male and female customers.

Kiely Plumbing was established in 1967 and has been providing high quality, professional plumbing services to the North West Coast for over 55 years. We have just employed our first woman apprentice and thrilled to partner with Tradeswomen Australia’s Workplace Diversity Program to support the retention of all our diverse workers and for future tradeswomen.

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