Blocked drains are usually only evident once the drain becomes entirely blocked and either begins to overflow outside or if the toilet bowl doesn’t drain properly.

Gurgling and smelly drains is typically the best indicator that your drains are starting to block, and this should be acted upon immediately to prevent an emergency from occurring

If you have multiple toilets identify which toilet or fixture (if not all) is contributing to the blockage and avoid using it.

Every property has an Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) which is the lowest point of your drain and should be where the sewerage overflows first for a blockage, depending on the exact location of the blockage.

Each property has a boundary Inspection Opening (I.O) but some are not at ground level and may be buried. If you have an I.O at the boundary and if it is blocked at this point, then this would indicate the blockage is a TasWater issue and you can contact TasWater.