Tap into a Real-Time Video Call with our Plumber Now

We’re thrilled to offer a first in plumbing help: live video calls with our plumbers.

We know finding plumbing services can be stressful, so we’ve made it easier to understand your issue and get help quickly through video chats.

Minimise the chance of unnecessary call-out fees and secure priority assistance for swift support.

Unsure Where to Begin?

Engage in a conversation with our expert plumbers for insightful tips, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready when your technician arrives on site.

Close to Figuring It Out?

If you’re familiar with the basics but seeking professional guidance, reach out to our plumbers. They’re ready to offer strategic advice, empowering you to continue your project with confidence.

How it works.

  • Submit a new task with your details.
  • We will SMS you a payment link.
  • Our Plumber will video call you.

Our Rates

$45.00 for a swift video call to discuss your plumbing task


We reserve the right to charge more fees if the video call goes beyond the plumber’s allowable time.

Service available Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm excluding public holidays or closures.

Do not perform licenced plumbing work or permit work without the correct approvals.

The service fee covers a video call consultation with a plumber for up to 15 minutes.


Kiely Plumbing reserves the right to accept or decline your task submission, please contact us for further information.

Book your fixed price for plumbing services.

We are proud to introduce the first of its kind here in Tasmania, guaranteed fixed price fees for plumbing services.