Terms of Agreement


1.1. This Agreement is made between Kiely Plumbing and  the customer.

1.2. The term “AWTS” refers to all wastewater treatment systems including aerated and non aerated wastewater treatment systems.

1.3. Kiely Plumbing agrees to provide servicing of the AWTS installed at the listed address, as per the manufacturer’s instructions and owner’s manual requirements.

1.4. The Customer also agrees to pay to Kiely Plumbing, any extra service or maintenance charges that may arise from general equipment failure or from the AWTS not being operated in accordance with the Manufacturers operating instructions or Owner’s manual and consumables, are at additional cost.

1.5. By engaging our service you acknowledge and accept the ‘Terms of Agreement’ herewith.

1.6. Kiely Plumbing hereby undertakes to service, maintain and perform the necessary tests for the Treatment Plant and to send all relevant information to the Local Authority.


2.1. This agreement shall commence from the date of commissioning or the first service by Kiely Plumbing or as mutually agreed by Kiely Plumbing and the customer.

2.2. The term of this agreement is not fixed and shall remain valid until the agreement is terminated in writing by either party at any time giving at least 30 days notice.

2.3. At its discretion, Kiely Plumbing may discontinue servicing of the system.

2.4 Kiely Plumbing shall attend site during normal working hours four times during a twelve (12) month period in order to perform scheduled servicing.

2.5 Kiely Plumbing may attend outside of normal work hours if emergency or remedial works are required in order to keep the system compliant with health, local government and legislative requirements.

2.6 The periodicity of scheduled servicing shall be at intervals no less than two (2) months and no greater than four (4) months.

2.7 Kiely Plumbing reserves the right to issue updates to this agreement from time to time as may be required.


3.1. 4 services per annum due quarterly and charged at the time of service each at a commencing fee of $120.00 per service Inc GST or as advised by Kiely Plumbing.

3.2. The initial 12-months being 4 services may be discounted by Kiely Plumbing at their discretion and at the end of the 12-month period the price will revert to the original price being $120.00 per service Inc GST.

3.3. Fees payable by the customer in accordance with this agreement must be paid within seven (7) days of receipt of an invoice from Kiely Plumbing.

3.4. At its discretion, Kiely Plumbing may temporarily suspend servicing of the system until such time as all fees payable have been received.


Upon each scheduled servicing Kiely Plumbing shall perform the following works:

4.1. Comprehensive service of the system in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

4.2. Replenish disinfection tablets as required.

4.3. Provide a service report to the customer and government bodies as directed.


The following work is not included as a component of scheduled servicing:

5.1 The desludging of the sedimentation chamber (septic chamber).

5.2 The desludging of remaining chambers due to the use of incompatible chemicals and/or products by the customer.

5.3 The replacement of electrical components due to voltage fluctuations caused by the power supply authority.

5.4 The replacement of electrical components stemming from abuse or system neglect by the customer leading to component stress.

5.5 The repairs or replacement of any drainage, plumbing, pipes and fittings associated with the system.

5.6 Any plumbing works required by the customer not covered in preceding clauses will be provided by Kiely Plumbing and invoiced at normal plumbing rates.

5.7 Effluent sampling if required post commissioning and as requested by government bodies.

5.8 Repeat effluent sampling as required by government bodies upon the failure of effluent samples.

5.9 Damage caused by actions or inactions of the customer, external forces such as acts of nature or actions or inactions of third parties.

5.10 The clearing of blocked drains between the system and the dwelling.

5.11  Labour and/or components stemming from perceived system abuse or misuse by the customer.

5.12 The replacement of components such as filters, air blowers, submissible pumps, computer control systems, electrical control units, suction transfer pumps, structural components, solenoids or other components of the AWTS.


The customer shall ensure the following actions occur as a component of overall system maintenance between scheduled services:

6.1. Between scheduled Services, the customer may need to provide information relating to the filters condition if a fault has occurred within the system to assist the service technician in determining the fault.

6.2. For above ground distribution systems, if the customer notices dripper/spray heads are blocked from system residue then they should contact Kiely Plumbing and advise so they can be rectified allowing for unrestricted discharge.

6.3. The customer shall ensure that the above ground distribution area is well maintained.

6.4. For subsurface distribution systems, the customer shall refrain from driving motor vehicles the storage of heavy items or ground works within allocated distribution area.


7.1. It is a condition of this agreement that the customer shall provide Kiely Plumbing unrestricted access to the property for the purposes of scheduled servicing or unscheduled maintenance.

7.2. The Customer agrees to allow Kiely Plumbing, suitable access to the system at all reasonable times as Kiely Plumbing may deem necessary to carry out such service and maintenance.


8.1. In the unlikely event of an unscheduled maintenance request by the customer the terms and conditions of this Scheduled Servicing Agreement apply.

8.2. The customer will be charge in full unless the request is as a result of failure by Kiely Plumbing.


9.1. This agreement is indexed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

9.2. Kiely Plumbing at its discretion shall adjust the service fee in accordance with the CPI annually from the date of this agreement and round the new fee amount up at its discretion.