Unless otherwise advised at time of booking:

Qualified Plumber $99.00 p/hour.
Qualified Gasfitter $132.00 p/hour.
Apprentice Plumber $60.50 p/hour.
Advanced Plumber $104.50 p/hour.
Qualified Plumber (Same Day) $104.50 p/hour.

Qualified Plumber OT $121.00 p/hour.
Apprentice Plumber OT $88.00 p/hour.

After Hours Callouts $291.50 Inc first hour.
Electrical Fee (Disconnect/Reconnect) $132.00

Drain Machine $165.00 Per job
Drain Camera $165.00 Per job
Drain Machine +/- Camera +/- Locator $220.00 Combined fee per job.

Backflow & TMV Testing First Valve $275.00
Every Valve Thereafter $99.00

Consumables Charge $8.00 Per job.
Postage & Handling Charge $2.00 Per postage

Other fees and charges may apply.