Leaking hot water systems can be isolated by turning the water meter off. However, a more practical option is to turn the hot water system off which allows cold water to still be used throughout the property and allows toilets and cold water taps to still function.

Isolating the water: There will be a copper pipe at the bottom of the HWS leading into the side of the tank. Follow the pipe back to a round knob or a ball valve handle and turn it off. Turn clockwise for the knob or turn handle 90deg to the pipe.

This will isolate the incoming water into the hot water heater. The storage hot water heater may still leak as the remainder of the water in the tank is draining but will eventually stop.

Isolating the power supply: At your electrical switchboard, there should be a switch marked ‘Hot Water’ or ‘HWS’. Flick the switch ‘Off’ and this will isolate the power to the hot water heater. If you’re not comfortable isolating the power supply, leave it to us.